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Minty Mentors has helped thousands of students find full-time and internship positions across the U.S.A.

Through our revolutionary training programs, we give students the tools to succeed in globalized work environments.

With locations in New York, Boston, and California, we work with companies across the entire U.S.A. to provide the best opportunities to our aspiring professionals.

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About Us

Minty Mentors

Minty Mentors is headquartered in Boston, MA and provides career consulting to international students from across the globe. 

We work together with many of the top companies in the U.S. to find internships and full-time employment opportunities. After participating in our in-depth training, students can confidently enter the work-force and keep up with their peers without having to blindly deal with the business and cultural differences they will inevitably face.

Top Student Reviews

Jane Li

3 months of looking for a job after graduation with no results. I signed up with Minty Mentors and every month I had multiple interview opportunities in big companies. In the end I found a position in an advertising company and was given an H1B visa. ”

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Eric Qian

“As a junior I was looking to find a good internship opportunity, but I didn’t have much work experience so I couldn’t find a position in a big company. My friends recommended I come to Minty to find an internship opportunity. I was introduced to 9 different Investment analyst positions  ”

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Jessica Chuang

“I was getting interviews when applying about 75% of the time, but struggled with interviews and never got the position. My consultant scheduled 3 practice interviews, she patiently walked me through the process and helped me with important communication skills. It was unbelievably helpful”

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Peter Liang

“I wasn’t very happy in my job and wanted to make a change, but because my work schedule was so busy, I had very little time to put together my resume and find a new position. Minty helped me greatly in saving time and effort, and successfully helped me find a much more suitable position.”

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From learning technical skills to social nuance, Minty Mentors helps each student strengthen their skills and CV to stand out in the hiring process

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Star Mentors

Mandy graduated from MIT with a master’s degree in Finance, and has 5+ years consulting experience at Moody’s and EY. She is currently a strategic Finance Manager at a tech start-up. She has abundant experience in financial consulting, corporate finance and strategy, and analytics. 


Strategic Finance Manager

Rachel is a management consultant at McKinsey & Company with deep expertise in change management and organization design. She holds a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. She is also familiar with interview preparation with experience in recruiting. 


Management Consultant

Cleo graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia with a Master degree in Commerce. She is working in Deloitte Consulting as a consultant and has 3.5 years experience in M&A such as Post-deal Day-1 Integration planning and Management, Strategic Partnership Development, Transaction Synergy Analysis, and Buy-side Financial Impact Analysis