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Share your professional knowledge and experience to help a young international student get a better understanding of working in an American workplace. Help create a welcoming environment and support a global community.


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Create a Welcoming  Community

International students become some of our nation’s strongest ambassadors across the globe. The experience they have in the U.S. will become a reflection of our nation when they share stories of what it is like to live in America. We want those stories to be positive, supportive, and successful. 

We are looking for talented and experienced professionals to share their experience and insights to empower young international talents to land their dream job. You will work together with students to sharpen their skills and visualize a career path as well as create life-long relationships with motivated students from around the globe. 

Enrich your life, and the life of a student who is chasing the American Dream. 

Welcome to the family of Minty Mentors!

Supporting a Global Perspective

Why International Students? 

“The United States is strengthened by our long-standing commitment to academic exchange. This latest economic value analysis demonstrates the vast economic benefits international students and their families bring to the United States. Beyond this economic contribution, international students bring countless academic and cultural benefits to our classrooms, our communities and our country. International students and scholars create jobs, drive innovation, enrich our classrooms, strengthen our national security, and become our best ambassadors and allies around the world.”

Esther D. Brimmer 

Executive Director & CEO – NAFSA 


Economic Spending

More than one million international students at U.S. colleges and universities contributed nearly $41 billion to the U.S. economy. That’s 20% more than the entire GDP of the state of Vermont.

U.S.A. Jobs Supported

Further analysis showed that for every 7 international students, 3 U.S. jobs are created or supported by spending in the following sectors: higher education, accommodation, dining, retail, transportation, telecommunications and health insurance.

Support a Community

The community of international students currently enrolled in the U.S. is over one million strong. They have an immense impact both culturally and economically on our society. In recent years we have seen a decline in new international students. We believe it is crucial to create a welcoming environment to help foster and grow this community.

Develop Leadership

Enhance your people skills in areas such as leadership, interpersonal skills, and communication. Obtain personal satisfaction from making a difference in the career development of another person. Hear fresh perspectives from future members of your profession. Increase your profile and the profile of your organization among University students and staff.


Annual Mentor Appreciation Events

Participate in our annual Mentor Appreciation Events. We host mentor appreciation events every year at different locations across the country. This gives us a great opportunity to give back to our mentors. It also allows our mentors to network with like-minded professionals from some of the top companies in the world.  


What Our Mentors are Saying

“A Wonderful Experience”

“I worked for 2 months with a young man from China. He was motivated to create a successful career in the U.S. We worked together quite a bit more than was defined in the Mentorship Guidelines. He was such a kind young man and even gave me Chinese Moon Cakes for Mid-Autumn festival when our program time ended .


Management Consultant  McKinsey & Company

“Better Than I Expected”


“I mentored a boy from Korea. I was hesitant to believe I could help much only meeting 1 hour a week over 2 months. But, we really developed a strong bond. I was really able to help him get a better sense of the finance industry and which aspect he might want to start from. We are still in contact to this day and he has made amazing progress in a short time!”


Financial Analyst              Paypal

“Another Successful Experience”

This is my fourth time mentoring a student through Minty Mentors. Each and every time there are different obstacles to be faced in the mentorship relationship. But overcoming these obstacles, and truly helping a student in need is what makes the whole process worth it. Best of luck in your new career June! 


Consultant                       Deloitte

“So Awesome to See the End Result”

I worked with Adam for 8 weeks. He was a smart kid who really just needed a little help on some of basics of job-searching here in the U.S. After week 6 or so, he already had job offers from some of the top consulting companies in the country. Adam was hesitant to do it on his own, but with a little push he is now set up for a long, successful, career. “


Financial Analyst                    Fidelity