Our Process

Utilizing experience from our professional career coaches, as well as our accomplished mentors, we have developed a system that accurately assesses our client’s strengths and weaknesses, and allows us to create long-term plans that teach critical skillsets and help guarantee career success. 

free assessment

Professional Skills Training

求职竞争力 评估

行为类面试 培训

技术类面试 指导

三轮简历文书 精修

精准的行业 洞见

Internship Programs

真实模拟面试 体验

实习机会 保录

三轮简历文书 精修

实习证明 入袋

Return Offer 锁定

Mentor Program

一对一企业直推 精准

全方位文书 精修

社交套磁技能 提升

各大公司面试风格 简析

精准求职行情 捕捉

Full Time Positions

行业专家一对一 指导

职业匹配度 分析

三轮求职文书 精修

行业发展 洞见

求职计划 制定

VIP Custom Programs

行业专家一对一 指导

职业匹配度 分析

三轮求职文书 精修

行业发展 洞见

求职计划 制定


From zero to hero, we are here to help throughout the entire process.


Evaluate each student’s educational and work experience. Look at Major, classes taken, GPA, and internships to determine best possible field and market competitiveness. 



Research industry opportunities, and apply market competitiveness evaluation. Plan for short and long term career direction and student’s employment goals.


Participate in Minty Mentors training programs. Cover both general soft skills training as well as hard skills specific to your industry. Get paired with a mentor and ensure skill-set meets industry standard

CV & Cover Letter Optimization

Follow the requirements of each specific job posting. Use Minty Mentors’ proprietary optimization tools to ensure proper spelling and keyword use.

Interview Preparation

Every student has a Personal Interview Preparation Consultant. Participate in limitless mock interviews. Also available is case analysis preparation

Get Offer

Get offers from the companies. Receive assistance with salary/insurance/benefits negotiations. Work with consultant to compare and contrast positions and make final decision. 

Career Planning

  • Career Consultation
  • Background Enhancement
  • Market Competitiveness Evaluation
  • Job-Search Strategy
  • Timeline and Tactical Analysis


Industry analysis

  • Industry Insights
  • Job Market Analysis
  • Long Term Career Planning
  • Salary Negotiation + On-boarding Training
  • Career Development Training


  • Customized Career Consultation
  • Resume Optimization
  • Cover Letter Enhancement
  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
  • Networking Training

Network Development

    • Mentor Referral
    • Corporate Referral
    • Networking Events
    • Active Job-list Compilation

    Skill Building

    • Interview Preparation + Training
    • Limitless Mock Interviews
    • Networking Skills
    • Professional Writing Skills
    • Cultural Nuance Understanding